Hello weary wanderer,

Here lies Zippyshare [2006 - 2023], once upon a time a fairly big file hosting site blessed with a loyal and loving community. Before you leave, consider whether any of the following services will make your onward journey somehow easier and safer.



MEGA is one of the largest cloud storage providers on the market today with a strong focus on encryption and user data privacy.


NordVPN a well-known VPN provider, one of the largest on the market. We use their services ourselves. VPN

Proton Mail/Drive/VPN

A well-known brand on the market of everything related to user privacy. We use their services ourselves.


They proclaim themselves as "Europe's most secure cloud storage", worth checking out.


File hosting run by a certain crazy Dutchman. It's worth checking out, as this guy has a rather interesting approach to file storage infrastructure.